Welcome to your - "Sights and Ballistics - Quiz"

1. Optically speaking, which of these two scopes would provide the shooter with a wider Field of View (FOV) at its lowest magnification setting?
2. You are sighting-in a new firearm which has iron sights (no scope).  You notice your bullet impact is Left of your intended Point of Impact (POI).  You should:
[Select All that are correct]
3. Assuming level ground, a heavier bullet will:
4. You are sighting-in a new firearm which has a front aperture sight and a rear peep sight.  You notice your bullet impact is Below your intended Point of Impact (POI).  You should:
5. True or False: When a bullet (projectile) departs the barrels' muzzle, it is always on an upward path in relation to a level & horizontal bore line.
6. During a bullets' (projectile) flight from muzzle to target, the bullet will (normally) cross the Line of Sight (LOS) how many times?
(Assuming: The shot is not fired vertically up or down of course AND you are Zeroed at a normal distance.)
7. You plan on hunting tight brush and densly forested areas.  You have narrowed your scope choices down to 2 options.  Select 2 of these scopes that would be appropriate for your hunting areas.
8. We see guarantees like this all the time: "Guaranteed Sub-MOA" don't we? MOA means Minute Of Angle for any given distance.
Fact:  1 MOA is equal to approximately 1" at 100 Yards (actually 1.047" to be more precise if you do the math).
If you were target shooting long distances and you wanted MOA results or better, you would expect your Point of Impact (POI) groupings at 800 yards to be:
9. Most scopes have two adjustments; one for Elevation (Up or Down) and one for Windage (Left or Right).  You are shooting a target at 200 yards.  You want your Point of Impact (POI) to be exactly your Point of Aim (POA).  But you notice your bullets are landing 4 inches low and 2 inches to the right of your POA.  You should:
10. Given question 9 above.  You want to make the changes to your Elevation and Windage.  You notice your adjustment knobs are clearly marked "1MOA=4Clicks".
You should:
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