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We Are Open for Business For Your Essential Hunting Needs
And Firearm Repairs.

If you feel well, please stop in.
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We are restricting the amount of customers in-store as needed.

We are pleased to announce
Courses have resumed! With Smaller Class sizes and Protocols in place.
PAL, RPAL & Reloading

“Your Firearms Specialists”

Welcome Passionate Hunters And Shooters!

We share your passion for hunting and shooting sports above all! Because our families are devoted hunters, shooters, teachers and mentors as well. And, Yes it’s that simple!

Want to talk hunting?
We’ve hunted on 3 continents. In North America for Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose, Bears, Caribou, Dahl Sheep, Antelope, Geese, Ducks, Grouse and of course Gophers! In addition, we’ve watched our sons and daughters grow up from plinking with .22’s to harvesting Boone and Crockett whitetail. Even our wives and mothers hunt!

Africa? Dangerous game? How about taking my 79 year old father on a successful African Safari for Cape Buffalo for instance! 
New Zealand? Get on a plane and go! It’s a wonderful country to hunt, fish and simply explore.

Sights And Arms is the only Company offering the “Big Bore Buy Back Plan”! Buy your big bore Safari rifle from our store, bring it back in the following 24 months in good condition and we’ll buy it back from you at 90% of what you paid for it originally! Some conditions apply.

Because of our experience, we can help you select the appropriate firearms, optics, and ammunition no matter where or what you want to hunt in the world. And we can even help you with the travel permits!

Not a hunter?
Allow us to set you up with anything from a handgun, personalized rifle or shotgun for target shooting including Biathlon rifles or Long Range precision platforms. And, Once you’ve decided on your platform, let us help you develop a custom load for superior accuracy. Target, Trap, Skeet or Sporting Clays? No Matter. So let us help you find the firearm that fits you, or we can customize one to fit you!

Bottom Line: In order to shoot well, and shoot well consistently a firearm must fit the shooter!

Get the best Firearms Training (including PAL courses and RPAL courses), Shooting Sports training and Reloading courses. Learn More

“Aim” To Please!

“Honest Old-Fashioned Customer Service” is our motto. So while Sights And Arms is a new venture for us, we have 50 plus years collectively in the service and sales industries.  As a result, we know that listening to customers’ wants and needs are crucial to any long-term relationship.

In conclusion; At Sights and Arms we are not on a mission to up-sell people to the latest firearm, on the contrary! Bring us your old, your tired, your grandpa’s favorite, with a little tender loving care we will breath new life into these old classics. Want a new rifle or optics? Certainly! Drop into our store or call us to discuss what you want and if we have some insight into other options that might suit you better, our opinions are always free, but at the end of the day its what you want that we’ll find for you.

We are your Firearms sales, service and training center!
Carrying New, used and consignment firearms, we have a full-time gunsmith on staff. We are not your typical gun shop or big box store!

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