Welcome to your Reloading - Quiz

1. Reloading is a Great and Safe hobby if:
2. We all know that you should never swap powder types or brands for a given load recipe without first doing research using published load data.  However it is absolutly Safe to:
3. Like any hobby, Reloading can get very expensive.  However, for only few hundred dollars a hobbyist can start reloading his or hers favorite cartridge.
4. Crimping the case necks of cartridges onto bullets is considered standard practice when:[Select all that apply]
5. Reloaders require a properly set-up bench including several tools and accessories in order to reload accurately and consistently. Pick out items you think would be necessary to complete your bench.
6. Many factors affect internal cartridge pressures when fired.  Select all factors that can adversely affect reloaded ammunition if not carefully monitored, selected or measured properly.
7. While most reloaders consider a chronometer a necessary tool for load development, there are many other ways which help identify excess pressures and overused brass (fired too many times).  Select the signs that may prove you are getting close to YOUR firearms' maximum load. [Select all that apply]
8. Black powders, black powder substitutes, pistol powders, rifle powders and shotgun powders may have different applications, but you should know that:  [Select all that are True]
9. H4350, IMR4350 and A4350 powders are:
[Select all that apply]
10. The Best way to learn the art of reloading is to:
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