Welcome to your Regulations - Quiz

1. In Canada all rifles and shotguns are classified as:
2. In Canada all pistols and revolvers are:
3. Select examples of firearms that may be available in Canada that are NOT Classified as Restricted or Prohibited:
4. Firearms must be stored unloaded, select All other answers that apply to Safe Storage Regulations in Canada:
5. Ammunition MUST be stored separately from stored firearms in Canada.
6. Transporting a Non-restricted firearm in Canada inside the locked trunk of your vehicle WITHOUT a secure locking device attached is legal.
7. In Canada, leaving an unattended firearm in the locked trunk of your vehicle overnight (Stored) is completely legal as long as the firearm is secured in accordance with its classification.
8. Applying the common sense rule of "Out of sight, Out of mind" is always a wise practice when transporting and storing firearms.
9. In Canada, you may borrow a firearm for which you do not possess the required privileges on your Possession and Aquisition Licence (PAL) to own, as long as you are headed straight to an approved range with or without supervision from a properly licensed adult.
10. In Canada you are permitted to allow individuals (Minors or Adults) handle and/or discharge your firearms even if they DO NOT have a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) as long as YOU are in direct and close contact with that individual so that you can intervene and take immediate action if any unsafe or illegal situation arises.
11. In Canada (And only within Canada) you may mail (by Canada Post) a Non-Restricted firearm, Restricted firearm or a Prohibited handgun.
12. In Canada, you may load a firearm or handle a loaded firearm anytime you like, as long as you are on your own property.
13. In Canada, It is legal to Display any firearm (regardless of Classification) in a dwelling-house or in a place other than a dwelling-house.
14. An individual shall report any changes to his or her name or address to a Chief Firearms Officer within [Select the correct answer] days after the change.
15. Your (Adult) Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) is valid for 5 Years.  Select all other correct statements below regarding your (Adult) PAL.
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