Welcome to your:  "Cartridges - Quiz"

1. You are planning a moose hunting trip. Which of the following rifle cartridges/caliber and bullet choices would be appropriate and sportsman like for this hunt?
2. What is the bullet diameter of a 38 Special and the older 38 Smith & Wesson cartridges?
3. True or False.  The 17 Hornet is rimfire cartridge.
4. "12 Gauge" as in shotgun shotshell sizes, means what?
5. Select ALL answers that apply to the relatively new 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge.
6. Which of the following answers are correct regarding the 45-70 Government cartridge.
7. You are in the market for a New or Used 7mm caliber rifle.  You are faced with many 7mm cartridge choices these days (some old and some new).  You have decided on a Short Action lever or bolt rifle. From the list below, select only the cartridges that would meet with your chosen criteria of shorter action cartridges.
8. You are shopping for some handgun ammunition.  You notice a brand that says 45 ACP on the box and other brand that says 45 Auto. Can either of these be used in your pistol thats says 45 GAP on the barrel?
9. Select ALL 30 caliber cartridges that fire .308 diameter bullets (projectiles).
10. Select all which is/are true about a 410 shotgun.
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