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Used & Consignment Firearms

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21254Globe FirearmsM9830-06 SPRGBld / Walnut with bases, modified bolt, Action fair to good, stock gd to vgGood$450.00
21285Browning X bolt 270 WSM270 WSMBEM Duratouch Stock, SS action, Leupold VX 4.5-14x40 B&C, w/ ammo and diesVery Good$1,100.00
21338Ruger Blackhawk Pellet0.177.177, 1000fps, Synth stock, FO iron sights, 4x32 scopeVery Good$225.00
21348Savage6422Semi Auto SyntheticVery Good$299.99
21356Fred Williams Birmingham12 GaugeSxS, external hammers, damascus barrells, one dented barrel, one bulged at muzzle, 12 gaGood$575.00
21365Winchester240012 Gauge3 Chokes, stripped stock, good cond, minor marks recvrGood$600.00
21236Mossberg500C20gaBoyds stockVery Good$520.00
21256Fred Williams SXS12 GaugeExternal hammersGood$575.00
21366SakoFinnbear L61R30-06 SPRGBld/Walnut, missing rear sight, leather sling, good cond 23" barrelGood$1,550.00
22021WeatherbyVanguard S222-250Syn Grey / Blued, DNZ scope rings, Caldwell Bipod, VG to ExcVery Good$800.00
22053MauserM98243 Winrebarreled bedded custom stock bushnell 4200Very Good$1,200.00
22070Lee EnfieldNo4 Mk1 Long Branch303 BritCustomizedVery Good$2,650.00
22075Cooey8412gaSingle shotFair$200.00
22080remington870excellent with caseExcellent$875.00
22170Cooeymodel 7522blued wood, iron sights and Tasco scope and leather SlingVery Good$350.00
21772lee enfieldlong branch303Sporterized mk4 no1 with scope and slingFair$425.00
22213SavageModel 11 Lady Hunter6.5 CMExc wood with basesVery Good$1,050.00
22214FranchiAffinity20gaBlackLike New$800.00
22233Ruger22-Oct0.22Black Nordic Components Frame adjust stock 4 Pic Rails and fore gripVery Good$700.00
22240Mosin Nagant7.62x54Rvg condVery Good$650.00
22269Remington870 Wingmaster12 gaugeYouth stock, Wood, bluedGood$625.00
22275Husqavarna 16008x57bluedGood$600.00
22289ASMOver Under Hammers12ga, Black powder smoothboreLike New$1,600.00
22293SakoAV Dangerous Game375 H&H Wal/Blued / Leup 3-9x40 VX2 / cw Reloads/Dies/BrassVery Good$2,000.00
22294Ithaca37 Featherwieght12 gauge Wal/ Blued - Full Choke FixedVery Good$525.00
22298LC SmithSXS12ga 2 1/2Internal hammersFair$650.00
22061Savageaxis243syn with railGood$500.00
22307skstula7.62X 39RussianFair$600.00
22317RossiRS2222lrsyn/black As New, w/ 2 mags and boxLike New$230.00
22249franchi48/A12 Gaugegood-fairGood$600.00
22167browningcitori 52520excellent shape 7 chokes/case extrasVery Good$2,500.00
22169mauserK98 8mm mausersyrian mauser 8mm slinggood$1,250.00
22325Steyr MannlicherHunter Professional270 WinBlued / Brown Synth, Leupold 3-9x40 VG-ExcGood$1,650.00
22326BrowningXbolt HC300 Win MagAs new unfired, Leupold 30 mm rings and basesLike New$1,600.00
22329Mossberg500 AR12 GaugeDeluxe Wood, blued, barrel good, 2.75" , External Adj Choke,Very Good$500.00
21266Browningcitori20gaO/UVery Good$1,550.00
22330Winchester94 NWT Commemorative30-30 WinPlated Receiver, Octagonal Rifle length BBL, small ding in stock, Exc Cond, Possibly UnfiredLike New$1,800.00
22344SavageMk II22 LRLaminate Hevay Barrel Blued, w/ Scope Rail, As New CondLike New$520.00
22345FXDreamline tact.22 AirAR Furniture, PCP type, Millet Var Scope, c/w 18 rnd magazine, Like New$1,250.00
22302LeigeUnited12 GaugeSXS Internal hammersFair$500.00
22351FeinwerkbauMod 150.177 AirW/ Orig globe sights & inserts, manual & pelletsLike New$650.00
19092voerelaufstahl 3308 norma magtasco 3x9 scope good shape 1box ammo /brassFair$800.00
22327CooeyTopper12 GaugeSingle shotFair$250.00
22376Cooey6422wood blued, No MagazinePoor$250.00
22381thompson centerFX Hunter50vortex diamond back SS/ synthetic, ex long ramrodFair$1,025.00
22382lee enfieldno 4 mk 1303with 6x scopeFair$400.00
22387HenryA7 Survival.22 LRw/ caseGood$400.00
22388Rossi189712 gaugeBrazilian Version of '97Good$325.00
22390RugerSR22.22 LRVery Good$925.00
22395Lee Enfield303SporterizedFair$425.99
22400ruger10---2222Deluxe Model - Walnut/ Blued, 3 mags, slingLike New$550.00
22402browningdouble auto12 2 3/4 inch 12evvteVery Good$1,000.00
22403Savage12vefluted barrel scorpion scope 4-16 40Very Good$1,400.00
22404Savage12223 remvortex 4x16 40Very Good$1,200.00
22408TikkaT1X17 HMRLike newLike New$850.00
22409mossbergpatriot6.5dead ringer 3x9 -40 camoGood$650.00
22410Mossberg500 Slug12 Gaugew/ Vintage 4x Scope - Cantilever Mount, 3" chamber; wood / blued.Very Good$650.00
22412Remington7880.308Bushnell High Country 4-12x40Good$875.00
22413remington700308Tasco 6-24x40Very Good$1,300.00
22417winchester9430-30NRA Cenntenial no boxExcellent$1,500.00
22419Winchester1885223x9 freedom leupoldLike New$1,700.00
22420CZ45222fixed 4 power leupoldVery Good$825.00
22422sakoAV Dangerous Game338leupold 3x9-40Good$1,550.00
22424blue linePD18SB12 Gaugetac stock and original custom paintGood$400.00
22425Winchester9432 SpecialGood$900.00
22427Canuck686410,20,12 GA3 barrelsLike New$525.00
22429Mossberg100ATR243Mag scope 3x12-40Good$475.00
22430TCventure7mm-08bushnell 3x9 40 Good$700.00
22431pedersolinew infantry40-65185 brass see notesVery Good$2,500.00
23001BerettaA390 ST12 GaugeLike New$1,000.00
23006Tikkat3 Lite270 WinLeft Hand w/Vortex and 7 boxes f ammoVery Good$1,100.00
23007BrowningAB3270 Winw/ leupold 3-9 CDS FreedomGood$1,000.00
23008Henryh001ML22 with boxLike New$600.00
23009TulaSKS7.62x39Matching #'s, ammo, stripper clipFair$850.00
23011Remington700 SPS LH30-06 SPRG,20 rnds fired, Blued / Synth w/ Burris Tac BasesLike New$900.00
22312remington870 magnum12Very Good$600.00
22313SKSsks7.62 x39RussianLike New$625.00
21368Carl Gustofmauser6.5x556.5x55 fair condFair$550.00
22079cooeysure shot2222Fair$250.00
22380Mossberg70222Poly Maple StockGood$350.00
22406Weatherbyvangard243bushnell 3x9-40 scope like newGood$850.00
22173rugerAmerican 243syntheticLike New$450.00
22410savageaxis270 stainlessGood$495.00
22418Armi Sport1874 sharps45-70heavy barrelExcellent$1,500.00
22314skstula7.62X39wood blued with tacticool stockFair$700.00
23005Tikkat3 Hunter LH300 WSMw/Zeiss Terra and 10 boxes of ammoLike New$1,600.00
22428marlin1895CB45-70Very Good$1,500.00


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