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Used & Consignment Firearms

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19289VetterliSwiss .41 RF.41 RimfireSporterized, 25.5" barrel, blueing turned to brownFair$400.00
19290Carcano6.5 Cooey Sporterized6.5 Mannlicher-SchoenauerSporterized, 20" barrel, double set trigger, old refinish on stock, bluing fadedFair$550.00
19291Snider Enfield.577 Snider.577 Black Powder3 band trapdoor, 36" barrel, rust on locks, incl bayonet, BSA markedFair$900.00
20168EnfieldSMLE No 1 Mk 3303 BritishEnfield #3, Matching Numbers, lghtwt sporterized stock, split at wrist, incl case & vintage ammo (Imperial box)fair$360.00
20186Duco/F.DumoulinSxS internal hammers16 GaVery loose lock-up, Good candidate for parts or "wall hanger"Poor$225.00
20244H&R Arms49 Topper20 GaWood Blued,30", Fixed Full chokeGood$200.00
20278BRNOZH304 Combo12ga & 7x57R1967 Vintage, Set Trigger for rifle, Detachable German Geco 4x scopeExcellent$1,350.00
20331RemingtonShotshell PrimersNo. 57For use in older Remington Peters Hulls (these are smaller than 209 Primers. (Approx 1500)$80.00
20351Beretta92S9mm ParaEuro mag release (grip), some holster wear, new duty style flap holster, 1 magazineGood to VG$650.00
21008BrowningBLR358 Winwood, blued, pistol grip, Leupold Freedon 2-7x33Very Good$1,600.00
21009TikkaT37mm-08Barrel only. NEW Take-off, never firedLike New$325.00
21025TikkaT3X Barrel only6.5 CreedmoorNew, Take-offExcellent$400.00
21051RugerExplorer Youth.177 PelletBreak action, <500FPSLike New/box$120.00
21089SwissK-117.5 x 55 SwissNon matching numbers, fair conditionFair$750.00
21090SwissK-117.5 x 55 SwissMatching numbers, fair conditionFair$750.00
21093SwissG19117.5 x 55 SwissMatching numbers, fair conditionFair$660.00
21110Baikal30M95622LR2 magazineslike new$400.00
21115RemingtonXP-10012 ga221 Fireball, brown syn, Redfield 2-6xExcellent$1,000.00
21116IGAB300 Handgun410single shot, wood bluedExcellent$400.00
21117Dan Wesson15 2V357 magblued, 152 mm barrel, caseExcellent$1,350.00
21121MossbergPatriot30-06Wood, Blued, flueted excellent$550.00
21128CILModel 40212 ga2-3/4 inchgood$225.00
21136SpringfieldXD SS Tactical45 ACPss space, 5 mags, holster, mag loaderExcellent$700.00
21139CZ75B40 S&W5 mags, night sightsVery Good$800.00
21146Lakefield MossbergMKII Repeater.22Fair$200.00
21155LeupoldBX3Pro guide HD binocularsVG$650.00
21162Simmons Predator questOptic4.5-18x44 duplexGood$175.00
21197BrowningAB3.243 WinBlued, Synthetic, box & papersGood to VG$600.00
21203MarksmanSpringer Break .177Air, w/ scope & irons, VG conditionVG$145.00
21204RugerSpringer Break .177"Black Max" Air w/ Scope & Irons, VGVG$165.00
21205WinchesterModel 70 LtWt LH300 WSMLH, 300 WSM, Blued / Walnut - Lfeur de-lis checkering, VG to ExcExcellent$1,500.00
21207VortexRazor HDN/ARZR-50S1, 11-33x50 Straight eyepiece Spotting scope w/ original packagingVG$879.99
21210TikkaSA Magazine OnlyN/AMagazine only$70.00
21222BushnellElite 3500N/A5 ea 3-9x50 600 DOA ScopesNIB440.00 EA
21224CZ550 375 H&HAmerican Safari, Walnut, Blued, Set Trigger, scope mount, 3 leaf express sightsExcellent$1,750.00
21232Lee EnfieldNo1 Mk3303 BritishSporterized 303g-vg$400.00
21235RugerMark I22 LRBlued, SIN engraved in front strap, 4.75" BBl, w/ case, single magG-VG$420.00
21236Mossberg500 C20 GaugeNew Laminate Furniture, light marks on receiver top.VG$520.00
21237Smith & WessonModel 39-29 mmProhib, Not 12(7) eligibleExcellent$400.00
21241Remington700300 RUMLaminate Thumbhole stock, Stainless _ Needs TriggerVG-Exc$1,000.00
21244WeaverTactical 3-15x50 FFP- Tactical 3-15x50 FFP, EMDR Enhanced MildotExcellent$750.00
21249SavageAxis223 REMBlued, Synthetic, 3-9x40 Bushnell Dusk-DawnVG - Excellent$475.00
21251Remington 114816 Ga16 gauge$250.00
21252Remington7007 mmL/H, stainless barrel, Bausch and Lamos 3-9x50, dave king rebarreledExcellent$1,300.00
21254Globe FirearmsM9830-06 SPRG30-06VG$450.00
21257WeatherbyMark V6.5 CM6.5 CM, Cerakote FDE, Camo StockExcellent$2,100.00
21262Hamilton #27.22 .22 shortGood$400.00
21267Thompson/CentreTriumph5050 cal, blackpowder, with box and cdExcellent$800.00
21272CZ BRNOVZ 248 mm Mauser8 Mauser, scrubbedG - VG$850.00
21273CustomMauser8 mm Mauser8 Mauser, Euro claw mount, GECo, Schmidt & Bender 6x42x49G - VG$850.00
21276browningBLR7 mm RMWalnut, light marksVG$1,200.00
21278Savage93R1717 HMR17 HMR, Blued, Syn, second magazineG- VG$375.00
21281winchester1212 Ga12 ga fair condFair$375.00
21282remington1012 Ga12 ga fair condFair$325.00
21283Bushnell elitehandgun scope6x326-2X32-$225.00
21284BeneliMR1223 Rem223 with 6power illuminated scopeVG$2,495.00
21285Browning X bolt270 WinBEM Dura touch stock, 4.5-14x40 B&C, shells and diesVG-Exc$1,550.00
21286Suhl Mauser98, custom Emil Kerner & Sons Circa 19246.5x58 Portugese, Shutzen Stock w/ Horn TG, BP, spacer and forend tip. Game engraved, Greener type safety, ammunition storage bay w/ lid, Zeiss fixed 4x Zielvier serial matched to rifle, Custom dies, ammoVG$8,000.00
21292BrowningBLR.22.22callike new$700.00
21297WinchesterModel 70 Supergrade25-06wood, bluedLike New$2,329.99
21298Ruger Single6.22LR/22magRevolverExcellent$850.00
21299GlockGlock 199mm5 mags and speed loader$575.00
21304Cooey600 Rabbit22lrfair$150.00
21305CZ452 American22LRwood, bluedlike new$550.00
21308GevarmE122Stock re-doneVery Good$550.00
21309GevarmE1.22WoodVery Good$550.00
21310Ruger 10/22.2250th, never firedLike New$550.00
21311Ruger 10/22.22Wood, BluedExcellent$375.00
21312ATA ArmsETRO12gaPistol grip, 14" barrelExcellent$350.00
21315SavageAXIS.270w/bushnell scope, never firedExcellent$400.00
21316ZastavaMP2222Wood , BluedExcellent$500.00
21318Cooey.22single shotGood$150.00
21320Lee EnfieldNo4 mkI303 BritishSporterizedFair$550.00
21321StevensModel 5812gaadjustable choke, 2 3/4 chamberGood$550.00
21323Lee EnfieldMark II303 BritishSporterizedVG$375.00
21325RemingtonModel 7007mmStainless steel barrel, synthetic stockExcellent$1,350.00
21326Browning Trombone.22pump actionVery Good$600.00
21327Browning BPS28gaPump actionExcellent$1,000.00
21328Stoeger TurkeyP35012ga3 1/2 chamber, camoExcellent$700.00
21330Pentax16x60PCF WP BinocularsLike New$475.00
21331Leupold10x50 Tactical BinocularsLike New$650.00
21335Timney Trigger CZ 452New$140.00
21337Mosin Nagant32 gaugemodified. Interesting HistoryGood$150.00
21338Ruger Blackhawk Pellet.1771000fpsLike New$225.00
21340CZ511.22 SemiExcellent$650.00
21342BushnellForge1-8x30mmLike new$700.00
21343TrijiconAccupoint2.5-10x56Like New$1,150.00
21344Kral ArmsCara cara28 ganew in box with 2 boxes of ammoLike New$650.00
21348Savage64.22 LRSemi automatic, Iron SightsExcellent$300.00
21349Savage93R1717 HMRwi 3-9x40 scopeLike New$400.00
21350Glock22 Gen 440 3 magsExcellent$850.00
21352BSA EnfieldNo 4 Mk1/2303 BritishsporterizedExcellent$675.00
21353Ruger10/2222 LR2 extra magsLike New$300.00
21356Fred WilliamsBirmingham12 gaside by side, external hammersGood$700.00
21357Tikka T3270boyds stock, rings and basesExcellent$1,200.00
21359BrowningMaxus12 ga3 1/2 chamber, camo, 28 barrel Like New$1,400.00


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