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Did you know:

– A firearm which qualifies (by definition in the Regulations made before 1898) as an “Antique” in Canada does NOT require a Canadian Firearms Licence (PAL) to purchase, own or use.

– All matchlock, flintlock and wheel-lock long guns are considered Antiques no matter when they were made.

– Percussion cap long guns and muzzle-loading black powder handguns made after 1898 are NOT considered antiques even if they are copies of an earlier antique model and DO require a Canadian Firearms Licence (PAL) to purchase, own or use.

Regulatory links below for many handy facts:

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Fun Fact Quiz
Your family discovers a long forgotten about heirloom firearm. After some research, you have determined that it is a very old Muzzleloading rifle. Experts advise you that it is an original (not a replica) Hawken Plains rifle.  You get excited! Then you notice it is not a Matchlock, Wheel-lock nor a Flintlock rifle.  It is indeed a Percussion cap lock rifle!  But, it was made before 1898.
Does it qualify as an Antique under the Canadian Firearms Act & Regulations?

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