Firearms Safety

Welcome to your Firearms Safety - Quiz

1. You should Always check your ammunition head-stamp markings and ensure it matches the cartridge marking requirements on the firearm. Usually marked on the firearms barrel.
2. Select all answers below that are bullet types.
3. When you initially pick-up and handle a firearm, the first things you should do is:
[Select all that SAFELY apply...In no particular order]
4. Your buddy correctly informs you that a 243 Winchester cartridge design is based on the 308 Winchester cartridge. He further informs you that it will easily fit in a 308 Winchesters' chamber and is safe to use and fire in your 308 Winchester.
5. You find your friends reloaded ammunition for his 30-06 Springfield neatly stacked and organized on his reloading bench. He said you should try it out in your 30-06 Springfield. You should:
6. You and your spouse are members of a local range. You are packing up your gear and firearms. Select the items that you should find in your range bag or box.
7. Firearm maintenance is necessary and useful for what reasons:
[Select all that apply]
8. When driving around your hunting territory, it is perfectly legal and safe to have a loaded firearm on or in your vehicle/quad/snowmobile as long as there is an open season in that area.
9. A family member lends you a firearm for the weekend to try out. You are excited because you have never used that type or model before.  You should:
[Select all that apply]
10. Shooting sports are very fun and extremely rewarding in many ways. It is your responsibility to conduct yourself in a safe manner and to adhere to all safety rules and regulations in order to avoid injury to yourself or others.  Do you accept these responsibilties?
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